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Moving webhosts and unfortunately have to take the forums down for the foreseeable future. I have full database and file backups, so hopefully I can find some time to relaunch it!

- Danny / @dtesta

Time Flies

Well, time can get away from you fast! Despite what the extremely dated post below says, things didn't end up picking up again. We're not gone, but I wouldn't say we are active. We show up on the forums every now and then, so feel free to check them out. There is info on what games we are playing, what servers, and what we're up to in general.

Life gets busy!

- Danny

Website Under Construction


The website is in the process of going though a complete redesign.

Elitenoobs is in the process of reorganizing everything! We hope to have a brand new site, fresh forums, and a new CS:S server. More information to come. Check out the current forums for more updated details!

- Danny